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Projects: ERO, Russian Project, Abras and Cadabras

One of the first Dmitry's album "Drops Of SoundCity"   was created in his  studio. The album describes a stranger walking through The Romantic SoundCity, the emotions he feels. STORAGE OF GOOD MELODIES.  Light Romantic PIANO. POP-CLASSICAL, SMOOTH JAZZ

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Retrospective track of album Drops of SoundCity (mp3)    (32kbps, 1,78 Mb)

The most famous themes from album are Strange Night, When I'm Talking, No Secrets

Planetary. 1998-2002

Planetary. 1998-2002. Melodical Trance, Electronic Experiments, ElectroDance

The most popular theme - Goat Legs Satyr - (

Humoresques. 2002

Humoresques.  2002. Ironic Eclectica. Twist, Latina, even Baroque.

The most famous composition is Humoresque Number Two (Acid Latina Version)


Never Say Goodbye. 2003

. Never Say Goodbye. 2003. Retro, Nostalgie. Pop-classicaal, Smooth Jazz.

The most succesful album, despite of short time of  playing - about 23 minuts. All of compositions from this album had a high positions at the  pop/instrumental, pop-classical, jazz,  pop/rock charts of the international european music portal Vitaminic.  It sounds like a nostalgic soundtrack for the poetic film with the main theme:

NEVER SAY GOODBYE. (on the mp3,com)

Don't Fly By Planes And Helicopters

Don't Fly By Planes and Helicopters - 2003.

Edition of the album Never Say Goodbye with accent to the jazz thing


and with version of Never Say Goodbye to Joe Dassin



history and notes


Listen to my music,
Come to me,
Tell me what you've heard,
Tell me what you've seen
When you have learned this harmony.
And when your sweetest deja vu
Helps to open mind
You will keep silence, dear, but you
Will never say goodbye...
This words was written for the beginning of  song from nonexisent film. I would like to have a co-work with vocalists and lyricists - English, French, Spanish, Italian...

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dinamic.jpg (2454 bytes) Acid Taxi Latina (SAMBA) dinamic1.jpg (2451 bytes)

It's been a long, long, long time ago... BUT MUSIC WILL NEVER DIE:)

  Triangular TANGO

Useless Hands Of The Helps. Big Latina Collection. 2003

see the gallery when you can learn about history of this CD COVERSabout cover of this collection

.Living In The Yellow Piece Of Ground - 2003. Songs and Instrumentals

Despite of succes of   instrumental thing with the same name "TRUMPET AS VOCAL" (this edition was in album Never Say Goodbye), it possible to say that ALTERNATIVE  LIVING IN THE YELLOW (VOCAL) is more interesting for listeners. Maybe an advantage of vocal edition depends on non-traditional accompaniment and non-standart style of song...


Russian Project

Russian Project - russian folk music with modern rhythm.

 Euro Romantic Orchestra

ERO - Euro Romantic Orchestra. Multistyle music with romantic roots.

Abras and Cadabras

Abras and Cadabras. Eclectica around Jazz/Fusion, Latina and African music

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I would like to have a CO-WORK and FRIENDLY RELATIONSHIP with producers, composers, filmmakers, artists, vocalists and lyricists OVER THE WORLD.

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Special Thanks To OLEG NESTEROV (FIIR -, he's author of good bossa AUTUMN RAIN

 for the records of my vocal - MAGICAL TRAGICAL STORY (UNPLUGGED)

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