Never Say Goodbye


Listen to my music,
Come to me,
Tell me what you've heard,
Tell me what you've seen
When you have learned this harmony.

And when your sweetest deja vu
Helps to open mind
You will keep silence, dear, but you
Will never say goodbye...

There are words for the beginning of nonexistent song from nonexisent film. I would like to have a co-work with vocalists and lyrisists - English, Franch, Spanish, Italian...

The history is:
Melody appeared and disappeared periodically in my head, but I didn't see, what it would the kind of...
In the beginning I would write theme-nostalgie, to Joe Dassin maybe, or with purpose that it looks like music for french films - with Pierre Richard for example (maybe you remember it was in 70-th).

I made the Never Say Goodbye (Do You Remember Old French Cinema?) and Never Say Goodbye (to Joe Dassin). After that I tried to record in my traditional style (Drops Of SoundCity), but it wasn't so good.

Some of Editions you can listen and download from my page on The Vitaminic

Then I has recollected the main music theme by Legrand from Teheran-43 - It was the film from 70-th which was made by Russian and French moviemakers - this music was carried out through the love story from 40-th to 70-th . After viewing this melody remains in memory with nostalga and felling of lost love

Though this film isn't new I felt this effect recently when I looked it....

Maybe the reason is the returning of style of those times (70-th)... I don't know, but I think that it was fresh.

I remember an impression wich I had when I've heard "The colour of the night" from film whith Bruce Willise... But... It is something special ...

And St-Petersburg's annivercary this year. So many guests from France - Legrand, Mauriat, Matieau, Galliano...I think that french style in music - it is from past... from my childhood. Mayby it is the reason of good results on french departement of Vitaminic ( I've decided to make several versions of this theme. Finally I've made something that could have an Adagio name - melody from nonexistent film... Maybe I try to write something like melodies from Love Story, Godfather - shy assosiation, isn't it?:)

Listen it Never Say Goodbye (Adagio and From Nonexistent Film - on my page on

I think it is the best edition (Adagio)

And now I would like to have a words for this melody (European languages) - You are welcome, colleguas....

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