Planetary. 1998-2002

Melodical Trance, Electronic Dance, Minimalism

cover of album Planetary




1. Planetary - The main theme.

2. Minimum minimorum

3. Oscar's Theme

4. Goat Legs Satir (with the main theme by Tee-OOl-KhEE-Yen)

5. Strange Night (Dance Edition)

6. Triangular Tango (Dance Edition)

7. The Bengal Tiger On Your Roof (Dance Edition)

8. Let's Try To Understand That We Are Universe (Space Edition)

9. In Turned Days (Dance Edition)

10. Planetary - The main theme. The End

BONUS TRACK: Russian Project. Russian Spaces

"It was an interesting work for the electronic project with using of several old themes and with creation of new arrangements with help of several interesting programms - Fruity Loops et cetera. Strange Night was an old theme which I've written  in 1990. (It was used in Drops Of Soundcity and Never Say Goodbye as a theme wich was the first publication on the WWW and it is more succesful composition now too). You wouldn't believe that it was shy bossa nova with guitar accompaniment with russian text about problems between boy and girl. Something like "Nothing Will Help Us If We Even Can't Say Something Each Other":) But now it is famous instrumental theme which have a several editions (versions) and one of them are on the PLANETARY.

OK let's try to talk about this album in real order. The main theme was written when I was a science co-worker in the Naval Academy in St-Petersburg. It doesn't matter what the work it was. It's important that sometimes I could learn some interesting music programms after work and one of days (I liked Mike Oldfield very much and I was interested in how does he do it, what is the special technologies?) so, once I wrote a little composition which was opened with simple drum patterns and after that you can listen usual minor arpedgio as a beginning of melodies. The melody was performed by guitar like a Pink Floyd (Dark Side Of The Moon or something like this - I thought so:)) with repeating bell inserts beetwen musical phrases of melodies. It was very misteriously - especially combination of monotonous bass and dark electronical strings with very gloomy harmony and listener could think that it is music from film about Space Wars of from game UNREAL...

2 years later I tried to use a new programm Fruity Loops and with help of this instrument I wrote Minimum Minimorum (minimalistic composition for 8 minuts) and Oscar's theme when I have used old jazz etude by Oscar Peterson which I played for fluency of fingers when I  was studying in music school (a propos the main speciality was a classical drums - orchestral drum, xylophon, vibraphon, timpani etc).So, I has shared this composition. The first part was mine, the second part was by Peterson.

So later I was written the best composition of the album with help of Fruity Loops which also was shared. Two parts without stop - my Introduction and the good guitar theme from old song by russian TV director which was my colleague in our drum-type past. Since the end of 2001 I began publish separate compositions from diferent albums and all of them was located in the main departement of international music portal Vitaminic - POP/Instrumental (so my attention was concentrated on Drops Of SoundCity and romantic music from the past) and I forgot about Planetary. It was a good expierience but I like an alive music and I use computer for creation music which could be made like alive music. I understood that I have only 4 composition plus "Let's Try" (uncomplete) plus edition of The Main Theme and no more. But idea to force that STRANGER could walk in The SoundCIty under Drops was more interesting for my relizations. In the end of 2002 I've notice that Goat Legs Satyr isn't located in his style. It is kind of rhythmical electronic music. OK - I've put it in departement TRANCE so I had imagination about this style after success russian group PPK in the internetional electro charts (on the MP3.COM). I have thought - it is melodical trance. And you can imagine what was the surprise when I found out this composition in the Vitaminic's trance chart at the 1-st position and several months it regulary had a good results in Electronica/Dance charts on the Vitaminic. Who know maybe you've listened it If not - now you can do it on the

So I had only 6 composition. After succesful storm of pop/instrumental charts by SoundCity I've decided to add several compositions from Drops to Planetary. They was in one of collections of "drops" (Singles and Editions) but I think that It possible to use it for Planetary (Strange Night, The Bengal Tiger and In Turned Days). And I've added Dance Edition of my old song Triangular Tango. You could listen some of themes on my page in the music portal IUMA.

Yours faithfully, Dmitry. Good listening!"

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